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WAIVER OF LIEN BY CONTRACTOR, SUBCONTRACTOR(S) AND SUPPLIER We, the undersigned, acknowledge receipt of the amounts stated below as full payment for all labor, professional services, materials, or
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-The air and water envelopingour planet's surface are in constant motion It's a complicated balletof winds and currents influencedby the sun the moon and basic physicsdistributing oxygen water and nutrients to allthe planet's life forms from the smallest phytoplankton all the way up the food chainto you and me Now what drives all thisis heat -- the heat of the sun And although the scaleof all this movement is unimaginably vast the smallest changein the earth's temperature even a single degree can throwthe whole thing out of balance Here's howIt begins with the air The heat of the sun warms it Warm air rises then it coolsand sinks back to Earth a rising and falling flow in whatare known as convection cells The sun warms the earthmost directly at the equator so these cells Hadley cells are the main enginedriving all the rest of it Meanwhile the earth is rotatingimparting a circular motion to the air as it coolsand sinks This is the Coriolis effect And the wind drives the water generating rotating oceancurrents known as gyres And this is where thingsget interesting especially in placeslike West Africa Because there's more goingon here than just the gyres I told you this was complicated The winds and currents movewater away from the African coastwhich forces upwelling -- cooler nutrient-rich watermoving up from the depths to replace the waterthat's flowed away These nutrients feed plankton The blooms of planktonfeed fish The fish feed --you guessed it -- people Economies and dietsdepend on this But now look what happensas the planet warms With more heatthe Hadley cells expand The whole systempushes toward the poles The winds and currentsdon't effect places like coastal Angola as much any more so the upwellingis greatly diminished The nutrient-and oxygen-depleted water can't supportnearly as many fish and in this and many other waysthe well-being of the humans at the top of this food chainis severely impacted by something as simpleas a few degrees of temperature